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2017-08-22 10:02 pm


I hate to say it, but unfortunately right now the Republican Party is advocating white supremacy and Nazism. As such, I'm going to have to reluctantly conclude that people who still maintain they are Republicans are either completely idiotic and ill-informed, or on the side of the Nazis and/or the KKK.
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2016-03-29 11:20 am

Everything sucks

Why the f does everything have to suck so much.

I *hate* companies.

I want to destroy something.

F AT&T. F Apple.
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2015-10-08 08:08 am


Just heard Amy Winehouse's "Stronger Than Me", and I have to say that it really bugs me. Talk about re-enforcing gender roles...
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2015-09-15 08:03 am

My voice

I just heard my voice (filtered through the telephone and streaming radio), and I sound really weird.
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2015-09-14 10:46 am

I really want this to be real

PSYC 4410: Obsessions of the Programmer Mind

Identify and understand tangential topics that software developers frequently fixate on: code formatting, taxonomy, type systems, splitting projects into too many files. Includes detailed study of knee-jerk criticism when exposed to unfamiliar systems.

I would love to take this class.

From http://prog21.dadgum.com/210.html, via http://www.dragonflydigest.com/2015/09/13/16715.html

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2015-03-14 02:02 pm

Apple apparently hates radio alarm clocks

Every time I finally find an app that functions as a radio alarm clock, Apple destroys it by requiring that it cannot work if the screen is turned off.

Apparently Apple hates radio. I wish I could think of something sufficiently karmic to happen to the person who has determined that radio alarm clocks shouldn't be allowed to work, but I can't, so I'll just have to wish for them to be publicly humiliated and repeatedly have their hands broken with hammers.

Edit: now that I'm no longer livid with rage, I take back the hammers. Humiliation is still required.
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2015-01-15 07:18 pm

Small anti-gay businesses

Apropos of nothing, my solution to small businesses that don't want to cater to gay weddings.

Let them not cater. Do you really want the photographer of your wedding to be performing under duress?

Instead, make the law something along these lines:

any owner-operator business smaller than a certain criteria (like, less than 10 employees, only one branch, something like that) where the owner-operator (not an employee, but the actual small business owner) has a religious objection to gay marriage may choose to not provide services to a gay wedding, provided the following are true: at the initial meeting, or first contact, or whatever, the business owner states *up-front* that they prefer not to be involved with gay weddings; and that upon request they must provide a list of, say, the three closest equivalent businesses which do work with gay couples. These businesses *must* be of the same caliber as the small business which is declining to help with the gay wedding, and *must* be not too far away, either in distance or cost. If, for some reason, the business owner feels that such other purveyors of service do not exist, they must apply for an exemption from this requirement, listing all of the local businesses in their sector and why they are not sufficient.
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2014-12-22 08:29 pm

Why the hell do I need to have an account!

Just because I've placed *one* order with your company, doesn't mean that I want to have an account created on your server. Let me delete the account. If I want an account, I can make one.

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2014-12-02 03:58 pm

Court system cell phone fuckery

In this day and age, why are we still prohibited from even carrying our electronic devices with us to a court house? Require it to be off and kept off on pain of a fee or something, but not even able to carry it with me!?
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2013-02-25 08:55 pm


Everyone seems to be talking about how bad the Oscars were. I'm a bit confused, because I'm not sure that I saw the right show -- I actually liked them.

Yes, the humor was sometimes crass -- have they seen any recent Hollywood movies? (Actually, I haven't, but I have seen a lot of the promos...) I thought that Seth MacFarlane was fairly good. I laughed out loud several times.

And, for the first time that I can remember, it seemed like the presenters actually got their scripts in advance. It has always bugged me that the Academy Awards, put on by Hollywood, always seems to have the most stilted and unbelievable interactions between the presenters. These are supposed to be some of the most famous (and, implicitly at least, best) actors of our time, but they can't even manage one minute of conversation in a natural way?!

This year, the presenters actually seemed like they were interacting!
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2012-07-12 09:24 pm

Only two things...

Found at http://martinfowler.com/bliki/TwoHardThings.html:

There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation, naming things, and off-by-one errors.

Attributed (sort of) to Phil Karlton.

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2012-04-02 10:36 am

9/11 warning

Yes, this joke is in terribly bad taste. Yes, I'm probably un-American since I find it funny. But still...

And Mohammed Atta, the leader of the World Trade Center attack team, had a degree in architecture. I've seen this factoid used to explain that the attack wasn't actually an act of terrorism; it was an act of artistic criticism. Atta was destroying what he and many others considered the ugliest blot on the New York City skyline.

That's by jc42 from this SlashDot thread, and it is a heck of a lot funnier in context.

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2012-03-28 11:05 am

Unknown unknowns...

I've always thought that Donald Rumsfeld, whatever other defects he may have had (I am not, generally speaking, among his defenders), got a bad rap for saying:

There are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns — there are things we do not know we don't know.

This is a nice and succinct summary of knowledge...
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2012-03-23 09:46 am

Something to ponder...

From Tom Stoppard's play, "India Ink":

Dilip: You have to understand that begging is a profession. Like dentistry. Like shining shoes. It's a service. Every so often, you need to get a tooth filled, or your shoes shined, or to give alms. So when a beggar presents himself to you, you have to ask yourself — do I need a beggar today? If you do, give him alms. If you don't, don't.
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2012-01-27 02:40 pm

Quote of the day...

If you’ve ever dealt with hard-core grammarians, you know these people are prepared to kill.

From The Straight Dope.
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2011-10-26 08:01 am

Waking up

This morning, while waking up, I tried to connect to some of my Samba servers, and started panicking when I was getting no response.

Waking up further, I realized that of course, since I wasn't inside the firewall, I wouldn't be able to connect.

Of course, waking up even more, I realized that no matter whether I was inside the firewall or not, I have never been able to connect to a Samba server without a computer, and that I could interrupt the process without possibly locking me up entirely because I'm massively more parallel, and don't suffer from the same kind of issues with filesystem confusion.

And then I finally woke up and realized that my brain doesn't have a filesystem.
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2011-10-24 08:28 am

Odd dream

Last night I dreamed that I had mushrooms growing out of my blankets. Well, out of one blanket. And I was on the phone talking to my parents and trying to describe why this wasn't actually a huge problem, although one that needed to be addressed.

There was also a dying mouse, which worried me more, apparently.

I think the dinner I had must have been a mistake...
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2011-10-23 07:32 pm

Bah humbug.

I really want to like Never Mind the Buzzcocks, but really, since Mark Lamarr left, it has gone way downhill.