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Apropos of nothing, my solution to small businesses that don't want to cater to gay weddings.

Let them not cater. Do you really want the photographer of your wedding to be performing under duress?

Instead, make the law something along these lines:

any owner-operator business smaller than a certain criteria (like, less than 10 employees, only one branch, something like that) where the owner-operator (not an employee, but the actual small business owner) has a religious objection to gay marriage may choose to not provide services to a gay wedding, provided the following are true: at the initial meeting, or first contact, or whatever, the business owner states *up-front* that they prefer not to be involved with gay weddings; and that upon request they must provide a list of, say, the three closest equivalent businesses which do work with gay couples. These businesses *must* be of the same caliber as the small business which is declining to help with the gay wedding, and *must* be not too far away, either in distance or cost. If, for some reason, the business owner feels that such other purveyors of service do not exist, they must apply for an exemption from this requirement, listing all of the local businesses in their sector and why they are not sufficient.

Date: 2015-01-16 04:56 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] logt.livejournal.com
Are you getting married? Congrats if so! :-)

Unfortunately without legalese language there would be no such law -- how would you define "close". I would rather let everybody know that a business doesn't want to serve at a gay wedding -- and quite a lot of people wouldn't want to do business with them. But that's the price they would be willing to pay...


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